on 10:26

Went to Gala Birmingham last night to play the Satalite to the main event but it was cancelled due to a shortage of runners, even though it was cancelled at 8.10pm and it didnt start till 8.30pm.

I ended up going to the Broadway and playing the £30 with 1 rebuy / add on comp.. about 5 minutes from the break and i'm on 18,000 (4k starting stack) I'm UTG when I find Ace 8 off.. blinds 50/100 so I pump it up to 400 and I get 4 callers.. Flop A 6 8 so I bet out 1200 and get 2 callers Jack on the turn and I bet out 2600 I get one call from he has 4350 behind him and I set him all in on the river card which is a 9.. he calls showing 2 pair A9???

Next hand on the BB I get moved to another table where I manage to get back to around 12k at the break and decline the add-on.. on the very first hand back after the break i'm on the small blind and I find AK suited there's ony 4 of us sat at the table and i get a limp from the button so I pump it up to 2500.. fold to limper who re-raises me a further 2500.. ( I played this person on friday night and he was making some outragous moves) thinking he was making a move I push all in to ba called by him holding Aces... end of.