on 02:50

It's just taken me 42 minutes to drive home from DTD, I stopped for diesel on the way and I only drive a peugeot 206..and it was chucking it down with rain as well.. lucky for me that the cops wern't about tonight.

The first rebuy event attracted 78 runners with another 7 alternates making 85 in total and 100 rebuys/add on's making a £9250 pot paying down to 9

I play like a rock, losing with AK v 2 4 (straight on the flop) early on and KK v 77 (7 on river)
and £150 down and we're still on the first level.

I get up to ave chips at the first break and at the 2nd break with the ave at 22k I am plodding on around 12k with 22 players left.

I pick my spots and get up to around 21k when on my BB, Action Jackson raises up to 8k when the blinds are 800/1600 I find AK and push all in, telling Paul that he's behind but he feels he has to call as he's getting 2/1 and calls with JQ leaving himself just 1800 if he fails to hit. My AK is good once I hit the ace on the flop and I cripple paul who pushes all in next hand and gets taken out.

I get up to 61,000 with 10 players left (two tables 5 handed and the ave at 42k), I'm on the small blind for 1500/3000 when there is a raise to 10k under the gun and he's got another 12.5k behind him, folds to me and I find pocket Jacks - I put the raiser all in knowing that if i've made a bad call then I've still got 38.5k behind me. raiser calls my bet with A5 off and catch's the ace on the turn. Very next hand on the button there is a raise UTG to 13k and it folds to me, I find KK so I push all in and folds round to the raiser - I tell him that he's miles behind, he's got 1500 chips more than me and he calls the 25k extra on top as he says that he cant pass??? pocket 8s first card spade then 4 diamonds come to give him a flush.

I mutter the words "nice call" and leave the building not even waiting for the sandwich that I ordered 5 minutes earlier.