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A great end to 2007 by any standards 15TH IN THE MANSION RANKINGS was followed up with a good start to the new year.. long may it last " I hope"

Goals for 2008... Ranking Points and Sponsorship

Tuesday 1st Jan 2008

I played in the afternoon satalite for the evning £300 freezeout at Walsall getting close but not close enough. I entered into the main event for £330 and some 12 hours later and after a 6 way chip count I came 2nd for £4080

Thursday 3rd Jan
I am up early as I have an early flight to catch from East Midlands to Shannon, I am with Chris Johnson and we are meeting up with Mick McCool.. Who has rented a car and has offered us a lift from Shannon to Galway.. for the IPC (Irish Poker Championships). At Shannon we met up with Adam Lawler from southend and Mark, a cash table regular at Adams casino. We get to Galway and we book into the Raddison SAS hotel where the main event is being held..£600 for 4 nights that I split with Chris is fairly reasonable as this includes the breakfast, which was buffet style and very substantial.
Later that evening I play the e330 (£251) super satellite at the Eglintine Club but was out early on. The next day I play the sat at the hotel (£251) it makes 12 seats and I am chip leader when the bubble burst..)
I crash out of the main event and stupidly sit on the cash table and I soon wave goodbye to £300
I play the e800 (£608) this is after spending e360 (£274) trying through sng’s I suffer a bad beat and retire to my room to get some much needed sleep.
On the Sunday I played in a e550 (£418) comp and a £274 sng and then went and chucked a further e450 (£340) on the cash table building my stack up to e2500 (£1900) before giving it all away in one hand to Tommy Dunwoody who flopped quads with pocket queens whilst I held pocket 6’s on a flop of Q6Q.with Tommy and another chap calling my bets when we had a 3 way all in on the river..(Another e50 (£34) to McCool for petrol even though he had just picked up e120,000 (£91,000) for coming second.. anyway… nice one buddie. (what goes around comes around).

Mon 14th Jan
I head to briighton and I book into the Amblecliff Hotel for 14 nights as there's the two festivals, GUKPT at the grosvenor and the January Sales at the Rendezvous Marina Casino
I win a seat for a main event that I cash as I've already got a seat and then the next day I win another seat that I decide to use for Walsall.

I didn’t do any good in the main event.. I got down to about the last 45 on the Friday evening. when I was ave chips for the comp but short stacked on my table.. There was a raise under the gun and I decided to push on the button with AK, utg calls with JJ and I miss everything although on the flop I was flushing and straight drawing.

On the Saturday 19th I win the £100 rebuy after getting very lucky when 3 handed with the blinds at 1500/3000 I raise on the button 7500 with AcAh designed to keep the big blind involved.. She (Andrienna Nutt) Called.. Flop 3s4s6s she checks and I move all in. Insta call as she’s holding 5s8s and I’m drawing very very thin.. John chapman on the small blind gestured to me that I was drawing thin and in so doing knocked my chips off the table… as I bend over to pick them up I notice that the dealer has turned an ace on the turn and as I come up with my remaining chips I see the board pair up with a red 3 to fill my boat and send Andrienna crashing to the rail..as I only just had her covered.. Level on chips now with John I knock a deal back and I settle in for a nice heads up battle, approx 200k each and bb at just 4k. loads of play.. wrong - 3 hands later and I push after a raise from John..He calls with A 10 and I’m holding AQ, no help for John and the title is mine along with a seat for the Grosvenor/Blue sq champions of champions later in the year and also a cheque for £4700

I have a very unsuccessful week at the rendezvous although I did win a seat for their main event at the first attempt.

I was also on the cash table when I overheard a deal being constructed on the final table of the £150 DC freezeout, I go over to see whats what, the deal is that the last five split the money evenly taking about £2300 each, (I was surprised that the chip leader went for this as he was at least double to the 5th placed player) anyway – McCool who was either 3rd or 4th in chips at the time was saying “I’ll take any deal – but I have to be placed 1st as I want the European ranking points” This deal was accepted by all and McCool was duly appointed 1st place.. I then felt it was my responsibility to tell the card room manager (Leo) that this wasn’t right and that I would also inform pokerineurope.. it wouldn’t have mattered anyway as the comp was a self deal and therefore no points are given.. the reason I did this was because McCool in the break said to me that if he took this one down tonight he might jump in front of Julian (Thew) in the rankings.. (and Julian’s supposed to be his mate)..

Tuesday 5th Feb,
I crashed out of the Party Poker European Open very early after being in a pot with Josh Tyler.. I was pushing very heavy as I wanted him to pay if he was going to hit his flush.. I pushed heavy and he still called.. it cost him 43k out of a 100k starting stack to hit his flush.. it then cost me a further 25k on the river to see it as I knew he was betting hit – or – miss. $7000 gone in half an hour.

Friday 8th,
After sorting my head out and licking my wounds I head to the Broadway in Birmingham to play the £20 rebuy comp… I come 2nd at the chip count at 5.15am and pocket £1760

GUKPT WALSALL (11th – 17th Feb)
Got deep in a couple of events but didn’t cash here ;-(
Broadway festival 18th – 24th no good….

Well at least the last 2 weeks meant I didn’t have any hotel bills being so close to me..

Wednesday 27th
I head to Edinburgh for the Gala CGBPT (Coral Great British Poker Tour) and I book into the Ascot Hotel (a 2 minute walk from the casino) Wendy and Brian manage this hotel looked after me and Tony last year and done the same this year too for myself, James Browning and Lynne Beaumont.

No success here and I head home to prepare myself for the week ahead.