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After returning from my trip to Vegas and more importantly return to work I found myself going through some turmoil as to what I should do with my future. I spent most of August and September messing about on-line and working at the same time although as most poker players know.. you cant poker all night long and then go complete a 9 hour shift on civvy street - you eventually get burn out.. something has to give...

So by the start of October 2007 I have spoken with my boss and have offered my resignation so I can persue a career at poker (I know it aint going to be easy - but I know that I got what it takes if I put my mind to it)

At the begining of November I go down to Gala Bristol for the grand final festival of the GBPT
on Sunday 4th I play the £100 rebuy event and at 6am I win this event after a three way chip count.. picking up £3600

In the £300 side event on the 5th November I get to 22nd out of 120 runners when I run my pocket ace's into pocket queens and the ladies hit the set on the flop.

The £1000 support event on the 6th Nov attracted 51 runners, i make the final table along with Ian Frazier, Lucy rokach, Pete Singleton, I was low stacked at the start of the final and I play the patient game waiting to hit lucy who is raising every pot... with the blinds at 2k / 4k I raise 28k on the button (half my stack) with AK suited.. I get rerasied by the big blind (Alex torrence) so I go all in... BB flips over Q 7 off suit and hits the 7 on the river.. Great poker alex.. "Muppet" went on to win the £1000.. goes to show that you cant win anything without getting lucky. I pick up £2040 for my efforts.

In the main event, I doubled up twice off Jennifer Tilly and then I get moved to another table that contained phil Lakk, Antonio Esfandiari, Neil Channing, Josh tyler, Stan Essen.. I am on here for just 5 minutes when on the big blind i look down and find A 10 Hearts.. Channing had limped under the gun so I raised it up 5x bb channing called.. flop A 6 10 rainbow, I bet out, Neil re=raised me so I push all in.. channing calls and i find that i've walked myself into a set of 6s..
4 outs and nothing comes for me ;-(

21st November I go to my local Casino (Walsall J10) and I win the £500 Freezeout Midlands masters picking up £12800 after beating a field of 64 runners.

December was a fairly quiet month for me.. I go down to southend at the end of the month to play the last ranking event of the year..

Whilst in my hotel on 28th i play in three tourneys on blue sq making final table and cashing in all three of them for $1600

Later that evening I play the £200 frezeout and when we get down to 14 runners everyone wants to do a deal and take £2k each as theres £28k in the pot.. I'm 2nd in chips and i turn it down as i'm there for the european points, I am then met with a load of verbal abuse from Ian woodley (all in good jest) for not doing a deal..

I get to final table and in my normal aggressive style I am going all out to win.. I make three calls against this fella and three times I'm ahead preflop.. and three times I lose the hand..
I finish in 5th picking up just £1800 but more importantly picking up enough points to lift me to 15th in Europe (Not bad for my first year in poker).


The next day I head up to Nottingham to play the £200 freezeout at DTD.. Final table and I get heads up.. when I run my AK into this chaps pocket two's and I dont hit but finish the year by picking up another £2600

This brings the value of my winnings for the year to $196,000
I would guess however that with my touramnet costs, cash table costs and ex's for the year that I managed to break even..

I am also around £10k out of pocket for money that I have loaned and not had returned,

I've learnt a lot this year:

I found out that there's a lot of wankers on the poker curcuit but there are some genuine people out there as well - but not many..

Trust no one and believe in your own game

My goal for 2008 is to play as many ranking events as I can afford to (cant afford to play the EPT's yet though) and to try and pick up a sponsor.