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I was only going to make this trip if I won a seat to go there... so courtesy of Blue Square Poker I won a $13000 Package...

So I take 5 weeks off work and fly out on 20th June, I play in a couple of the side events at the rio, going deep in event no;50 ($1500 NLH texas) but not deep enough to cash..

In The main event I make it back to day two.

I double satalite'd into the main event at the Bellegio, again making it back to day two ( I had Phil Ivey on my table for 8 hours on day 1 and i must say that he played like a rock.. not playing one hand in the entire 8 hours, not even defending his blinds.. He was outside on the craps table with T J Coutier, the last time I went past him when we were on a break he was about $30k up.

I left the Bellegio about 1pm and went down to the Venetian $500 Deep Stack (CEO Tour) that had started at 12 noon. I get a double up quite early on and then play my usual aggresive game targetting these yanks who think that ace / rag is the nuts... I also bump into a few english lads, Lovejoy..Dezzy, Big Ben, Carlo and I also talk with Julian who's not having the best of time with his tournament play but getting his losses back on the cash (how things have changed since then - eh)

I get quite deep, down to the last three tables, when I get involved with this Scandi/American who has been calling and raising with shit all night.. He makes a raise under the gun and I re-raise him by putting him all in, he calls with pocket six's and I'm holding pocket ladies.. The date is Friday 13th July and guess what, he hits the last remaining 6 on the river.. 666 the devil. Three hands later I get moved as the big blind and I say goodbye to the scandi/yank and that I dont expect to see him on final table as he's a muppet. (I've never been one to hide my feelings, sorry)

Anyway, some three hours later and I end up heads up with this muppet and he asks me if I want to do a spllit.. I am below him in chips by about 20% but I fancy that my game is good enough to beat him so I decline his offer.... We play heads up for about 30 mins when I raise his big blind with Ace 9, he re-raises me and I go all in to which he calls.. he's holding ace 10 ;-( no nine for me and I have to accept that 2nd place spot.. The next day (some 8 hours later we start again and I come a creditable 7th)

The next day I come home with many lasting moments that will stay with me forever: