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After going up to Edinburgh in Febuary to play the GBPT (Great British Poker Tour) see pictures in previous entry.. I made a conscious decision that I was going to try and play all the GBPT events as I liked their structure.. I would have to pay into these events quite early s they were selling out quickly.

I went to Gala (Birmingham) early in May to pay into the Nottingham main event only to be told that the event was sold out.. the only way of getting in now was to win a side event.

I went over to Nottingham on the the Thursday 10th May to play the £100 freezeout only to be eliminated in the first level with my straight to the king bing beaten by a higher straight.

On the Friday 11th the £200 freezeout I got lucky early on when I pushed my pocket sevens into Kings and then got lucky on final table when to be quite honest i was just pushing against equal stacks and coming out on top from behind when I got called.. It was during this event that I met Mark Patrick after knocking him out and have since become good friends with him.
I go on to win this event and pick up £4990 + a seat into the main event the following day

Saturday 12th and after having only 2 hours sleep after driving home at 5am from Nottingham to Telford and having to be back at the casino for 2pm I settle into my game quite early on, I get a double up from some chap holding two pair whilst I was holding the top set and he was drawing dead.. I battle it out and quite late on I get a useful double up off Barney Boatman.. SB v BB with about 16 players remaining.. I raise barny's big blind and he re'pops me to which I flat call.. Flop comes 10s 7s 7c I bet Barney raise's I flat call, Turn 7h, I bet Barney calls river is 10c. I move all in for another 25k and Barney gives me some spiel that we may be splitting the pot, then he thinks and says " I hope your playing the board" "Call" I turn over pocket Queens and He flips over pocket Jacks.. that gave me a slight edge in the comp and barney went out a few hands later wjen we lost Jo Beevers in 13th place and Barney in 12th..

Sunday 13th and it's back to the casino for 2pm.. I had to sleep in the car as when we finished at 5am I tried to get a Hotel locally but they were all full, now I know how joseph and mary felt, anyway I managed a couple of hours if that as my head was bussing and I just couldn't sleep was also possibly because of all the redbull I had been necking down that evening. around midday I go shopping for some clean clothes and manage to get a hotel to lend me a room for an hour or so to get cleaned up and showered.. Thanks to the Park House Plaza who gave me the room free of charge..

So play commences and we have to get to a final table of 8 for TV purposes, we are locked on 9 players for about 95 minutes when on my big blind when Mazhar Nawab moves all in for around 75k. I look down and find pocket tens with blinds at 6k/12k its another 62k for me to call.. I count my chips out and I got about 35k left if I lose what I assume is going to be a race. "Call" I say and Maz misses everything with he's JQ off and so we got final table and i'm the chip daddy with 275k and the blinds being pushed back to 2k/4k to try and get some play..

I then get cards like i've never had before, Making a move with 2 3 diamonds under the gun, raising it up to 18k, Mike Eglitine on the BB flat called my raise with A 10 hearts.. Flop = 3 3 10 mike checks and I bet out 12k mike then say's "all in" as soon as he's chips are over the line I call and the rest is history.. for those of you who haven't seen the action from Nottingham you can catch up with it on this link. http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Nottingham+GBPT&search_type=&search=Search

I win this event and I pocket £19,900 + a seat into the Grand final at Bristol in December which is worth a further £2700

I then notice that the two back to back wins have vaulted me up in the european rankings from about 420th up into the top 40.. I think It was at this point that I decided that I was going to concentrate on playing in the ranking events with my ambition being to make it into the top 20 by the end of the year

During this period I win the following:

11/05/2007 £4990 1st Place GBPT Nottingham £200 event + £550 SEAT ($11,000)
12/05/2007£19,900 1st Place GBPT Nottingham Main event+ £2750 SEAT ($46,000)
03/06/2007$13000 SEAT FOR WSOP MAIN EVENT from
$26,800 1st place Walsall Midlands Meltdown £300 freezeout
13/07/2007 CEO TOUR VENETION HOTEL $500 Freezeout 2nd for $17,000
14/07/2007 CEO TOUR VENETION HOTEL $500 Freezeout 7th for $8000
at the World Series of poker in Las Vegas I finished 380th in event no50 that had 3154 runners
and in the main event I made it back to day two ;-(
I also double satalited into the main event at the Bellegio winning a seat worth a further $10,000 making it back to day two but was very short stacked so i pushed and ended up going down the Venetian earlier than expected and playing the CEO tour

VALUE OF WINNINGS including seats won = $126,800
September 07 - December 07 to follow


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2008 is going to bea good year for the shropshire terminator, i just know it!