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Well, where do I start.... JANUARY 07 - APRIL 07

Jan 2007: after having won a seat on Paddy Power poker I set off to Dublin to play the IPC (Irish Poker Championships) I get deep into day one when my Kings are cracked by 7 4 suited.. all in pre flop with the big blind calling me for a 5th of his stack...? Derr

I decided to play the side event, the 750 euro comp... I finish a repectable 6th after I doubled up Mick McCool when we were down to 2 tables KK v AQ with him hitting the ace on the river ;-(
and crippling me back to 22k.. after a lot of aggression I build my stack back up to over 125k and make the final table..

I had McCool to my right who had been stealing my Big blind all night, when we were 6 handed he stole my blind 3 times and showed me crap on 3 consecutive occassions.. the 3rd time he did it I warned him that I would have to call him next time he did it.. My very next big blind, he reaches for he's chips and calls "all in" I look down and find 10 J spades "I call" I said.
McCool flips over pocket rockets and the end is in sight for me.. knocking me down to just 22k with the blinds at 7.5k and 15k very next hand on the small blind I pick up 7 8 hearts and it's folded round to me.. I push and Fintan Gavin who went on to finish 5th called me with KQ suited.. I hit my 8 on the flop but alas Fintan hit he's king on the turn.

Fintan is the owner of the Eglinton Card Club in Galway and is a top bloke..

I come back from Dublin and in Febuary I read in the back of PokerEuropa that I picked up from my local Casino (Grosvenor Walsall J6) that I was in the top 25 in europe in the Mansion Rankings with my 522 points and I thought, Whats all this about... It was also nice to see my name in print and was only too pleased to show it off to all my mates.. ;-)

In Febuary I went up to Edinburgh to play the first round of the Gala Great British Poker Tour.. The main event was sold out but we, myself and Tony Dicesare decided that we would play the two side events and try to win our way into the main event but either way we were booking the B&B for the weekend and staying up there till sunday morning. We didn't qualify but I had one of the best weekends ever..

We decided that we would try and get some tickets for the Scotland v Italy Four Nations cup game at Murayfield. We went to the stadium for about 9.30am and secured two tickets. Then we went into town Had breakfast in this nice Italian Restaurant (La Monde) booking a table there for our evening meal. The Town by now was obviously full of jocks wearing tartans and scotlands colours.. so we decided with tony being half Italian to buy some Italy scalfs and flags and hats and we would cheer for the underdogs...

Italy thrashed the sweaty socks. We went back to the b&b got changed ready for our meal and went into town... We enjoyed one of the best Italian meals I have ever eaten and just as we were getting ready to leave, the Italian squad came in, spoke to us and invited us into the VIP suite, Tony got plastered and I wasn't too far behind him

I spent the next 3 months messing about on line.. playing 16 hours a day most days when I should have been working as an Office Equipment sales manager (Photocopiers) I found that I was becoming addicted to poker like a smackhead dependent on heroin.. I needed my daily "Fix"

At the Irish Open in April, I spent 7 hours on Dan Harringtons Table and what a pleasure that was.. He was totally focussed even though the camera's were on him the constant time.. click click click.. It was not long before he was the chip daddy on the table.. the TV producers came over and told us that we would be the next featured tv table.. I was sitting there with about 23k and was short stacked on the table.. I wanted to make a move and try and double up ready for the TV table as I didn't want to go on there short stacked.. I am 2nd to speak and I look down and find pocket 7s.. I push half my stack in - this being the first hand I had played for at least 20 minutes.. it folds round to the big blind (some geezer dressed as Elvis Presley) and he calls (1/3 of he's stack).. Flop 9J5 rainbow He checks to me and I figure that I'm ahead and I push all in for a further 12k he calls flipping A Q off and leaving himself short stacked if he missed... J 9 turn and river and I am left devestated..

Dan Harrington offered some words of comfort.. I felt privileged to have met Dan. I learned a lot from sitting and observing him.

I also roomed with McCool at the Burlington Hotel in Dublin something that I would later come to regret.

During the first 4 months of the year

I won:
7 seats for the GUKPT (6 on Blue Sq 1 at Walsall)
1 seat for the IPC (Irish Poker Championships)
2 seats for the Irish Open (1 Blue Sq and 1 at the venue)
The value of my online winnings (seats & Cash) and my live winnings totalled $63,000
Not bad for a beginner ;-)